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Steve is a native of Ireland whose life journey takes him to the battlefields of the Serbian War as a photojournalist in the 90’s. Ruggedly handsome and charismatic, he is popular among his fellow correspondents who join with him on an ill-fated excursion through the Accursed Mountains near Kosovo. A series of events lead him to killing a demonic wolf and falling under an ancient curse. Steve returns to America and becomes infatuated with a Serbian model though aware that the curse will forever stand between them. Seeking to protect her from her enemies, he falls afoul of the NYPD and draws the attention of Serbian blackmarketer Bojan Evilenko. Jana Dragana becomes a pawn in a battle between Evilenko and Detective Darko Lucic, both sides unaware of the catastrophic force their manipulations will unleash.

Manipulation becomes a major theme that resonates through the tale of the Wolf Man. Captain Evilenko uses Steve in an effort to destroy his enemies in Kosovo and condemns him to a living hell in the process. Steve tries to manipulate the curse to the benefit of Jana, and finds himself targeted by the NYPD. Darko Lucic tries to use Steve and Jana to get to Evilenko, and the Captain turns the tables in luring Darko and Steve into a death trap. Although everyone in the novel feels they are working towards an altruistic end, their ulterior motves are what lead to the catastrophes in this revenge tragedy.

Steve is unique as an anti-hero in the horror genre in trying to use the curse of the werewolf for good, though finding himself in a struggle against an even greater evil in the human organ trafficking ring of Evilenko. We also find an unusual twist as Steve realizes from the outset that his love for Jana can never be requited, though prepared to sacrifice himself to deliver her from evil. His fatalistic outlook also condems him as a martyr from the onset though he willingly enters into all the conflicts of the novel so that his eventual demise will do the greatest amount of good for those he holds dear.

This novel will be available through Damnation Books in December – mark ypur calendars!!!Image