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The beautiful Serbian model is Steve’s next-door neighbor and secret love, though he knows they can never be as one because of the curse of the wolf. He becomes her confidant and protector, though unaware that their friendship can eventually turn into a liability for her. Her drug addiction becomes a problem as does her unemployment, and Steve’s enemies use these factors to her disadvantage in an attempt to coerce Steve into their network.

The female protagonist in Wolf Man, what makes Jana unique as a John Reinhard Dizon heroine is her drug dependency and her vulnerability as a Serbian immigrant whose success came too quickly for her to handle. She runs across manipulative people in the modeling industry and soon finds herself with a habit she can no longer support. Yet, deep down, she is still an old-fashioned girl with a strong work ethic that Bojan Evilenko uses against her. He offers her a high-paying job that she gladly takes, unaware that Evilenko plans to use her as bait to lure Steve into his trap. When she learns of Evilenko’s scheme and the curse upon Steve, she is able to step up and play a supportive role as he and Detective Lucic meet the Captain in a final showdown.