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Feared throughout his homeland during the Serbian War, Captain Evilenko joined the White Knights of the Serbian Empire at the end of the conflict. It provided him with the resources to establish links with the Chinese Tong and become a major connection in their human organ trafficking network. Knowing of Steve and his curse from the war, he uses Jana as bait to lure Steve into his organization. His association with Al Qaeda makes him a threat to every person in New York City.



December 1, 2013 is Launch Day at Damnation Books. The following titles are due to release. Variable Pricing will be in effect till 11:59 PST on December First.

Wolves on the Border by Brian N. Young
Teamwork by D.W. Carver
Summer Reaping on the Fields of Nowhere by Matt Spencer
Amish Apocalypse by James Daughety
Merry AXmas by Brian Francis
Outside the Safe Zone by Katrina Rhodes
Death and Innocence by Dorothy Knight
The Harlot Goddess by N. Onym
The Final Transmission by Brian F.H. Clement
Wolf Man by John Reinhard Dizon
Ransom Drop (book 2 of the Sam Seabury Series) by Mike Sullivan
The Messiah of Darkness by Bill Taube
Oily by Forrest White

There will be 2 Meet the Authors Chat Sessions

When? 2PM EST & 7PM EST

Drop by and chat with the authors about their new titles.

Variable Pricing

Each release day, Damnation Books offers New Titles at Variable Prices.
At midnight on Release Day each title sells for twenty-five cents. As soon as a title sells the price goes up another twenty-five cents until it reaches Damnation’s retail price.

The early bird can buy 16 new titles for $4.00. This pricing system ends at 11:59 on launch day and applies to new titles only. The new titles list can be accessed at . A reader does not need to buy every title to enjoy the discount but the title they choose must be New.

For very erotic or horridly violent books, a reader will need to log into the site by making an account. This is really not a problem because they need to do this anyway to make a purchase.

I will be posting this information to the authors, readers and other social media as release day draws near. You are encouraged to post this information on your own social media, web sites or groups.

All titles are available in: epub (Nook compatible), pdf, mobi (Kindle compatible), lit (Microsoft Reader), and pdb (Palm) formats, consult your Users Guide for downloading instructions. The buy option on highly erotic or violent content will not be visible until you create or log into your account An account allows access to all titles and allows you to re-download your titles up to 5 times in the event of electronic disasters.

Our blog is moving!

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The Damnation Books Blog has a new address:

Book mark the new url and visit often for news, author posts, contests, and more from your favorite publisher of dark fiction.

The Sonoma County Book Festival

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Here’s a look at our booth during the recent Sonoma County Book Festival. Snoopy came to visit us and so did DB author, Brett McKay.ImageImage

Start filling your ereader with summer reads from Damnation Books!

On 1 June 2012 the newest titles will sell at variable pricing until midnight.

These are the titles and authors of the new releases.

Blood Moon by Holly Hunt,
The Apocalypse of Peter by Nick Cato,
Night and Chaos by Naomi Clark,
Jawbone by Michael V. Gleich,
Vengeful Pursuit by David E. Bullock,
Tattooed by Wayne Mansfield,
Weeyatches by Patrick MacAdoo,
Binding Ties by Michele Acker,
Cheap Meat by Ron Savage,
Shudder by Harry F. Kane,
Evil Stalks the Night-Revised Author’s Edition by Kathryn Meyer Griffith, and
Dark Mistress: Lessons Learned by A.C. Croom .

All of our Authors Rock!

Sally Franklin Christie Marketing Manager of Wonderful Authors

Here’s the video trailer for By the Light of the Moon by Larry Kerr. Check it out, expecially if you like werewolves.

Here’s some photos of last week’s Zombie Prom at the Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastapol, CA. The prom organizers were kind enough to allow us to set up a book to sell books and zombie greeting cards. We had a great time and got a lot of DB attention. Thank you to everyone who supported us, and to the Tavern/organizers for having us in the house.

Zombie Prom is tonight.

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Here’s a basket of goodies we’re giving away at the Zombie Prom tonight. 5-12-2012. Join us at the Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastapol, CA.

Damnation Books is participating in the Zombie Prom this Thursday. Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastapol, CA.
Details for where are here:

We’d love for you to join us for fun and giveaways.

Lord Acton originally wrote, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Modern pop-culture is brimming over with stories of bright, polished men and women with iron wills and indestructible moral codes, who throw themselves into a life of public service after being graced (or cursed) with cosmic powers, a magic ring, puberty-activated mutant genes or robot suits.

How about the people that look out for ‘Number One?’ People with flaws? People with serious psychological issues? People that have been looking for a ticket out of their circumstances and finally lucked into it? People who’ve devoted themselves to their success and have reached it, at long last? The nerdy kid who doesn’t have to be pushed around and isn’t willing to hide anymore? The jealous girl that’s tired of being the ‘other woman?’ The disenfranchised homeless man? The bored housewife who wishes she’d made some different choices?

What would really happen if today’s people had superpowers? Available March 2012 in paperback and digital formats from Damnation Books. Edited by Lincoln Crisler with cover art by Jessica Lucero.

Tim Marquitz — Retribution
Weston Ochse — Hollywood Villainy
William Todd Rose — Mental Man
Jeremy Hepler — The Real Church
A.S. Fox — Ozymandias Revisited
Jason M. Tucker — Enlightened by Sin
Jeff Strand — The Origin of Slashy
Edward M. Erdelac — Conviction
Kris Ashton — Threshold
A.D. Spencer — Oily
Joe McKinney — Hero
Wayne Ligon — Pride
Malon Edwards — G-Child
Jason Gehlert — Static
Karina Fabian — Illusion
Warren Stockholm — Past Imperfect
Anthony Laffan — Sabre
Lee Mather — Crooked
Trisha J. Woodridge — Fixed
Cat Rambo — Acquainted With the Night
Wayne Helge — Gone Rogue
Andrew Bourelle — Max and Rose