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Street-wise and battle-seasoned, Darko lived through the Serbian War and is sympathetic to Jana’s challenges in coping with American high society and Steve’s post-traumatic stress. Yet the canine attacks on NYC drug dealers leads him to suspect that there is more to the killings than meets the eye. Upon learning of the involvement of Bojan Evilenko, Darko realizes he needs Jana and Steve’s cooperation any way he can get it. Yet it is Darko’s spiritual side that results in his bonding with Steve to rescue Jana from Evilenko’s clutches. His climactic battle against crippling injury proves inspirational as his true character comes through in resolving what becomes a life-or-death conflict against the forces of darkness.


One thing I enjoy in my Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator world is satirizing current events and giving them crazy twists. One such “victim” was the government bailout of the automotive industry.  By 2040 in Neeta’s world, the US had just given up and purchased several companies to run outright, under the moniker “GovMo” or “Government Motors.  They make such fabulous models as the Entitlement (which is a road hog), the Deficit (which has trouble slowing down), and the Refund, which is their economy model.  These make appearances in Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator.

However, the real fun came when in an idea chat, we were told to write ad copy for a car that ran on manure.  The GovMo CrapMaster was born.  I had such fun with it, I actually made commercials:


Later that year, I decided to write the second Neeta Lyffe novel, and decided environmental terrorism might be fun to tackle with zombies–and what better target than a manure refinery that supplies the CrapMaster?

I Left My Brains in San Francisco comes out September 1, starring Neeta Lyffe, her partner Ted, his rival, Marcel, and zombie mimes, zombie suicides, and zombie terrorists.  I hope you’ll check it out.

Here’s the video trailer for By the Light of the Moon by Larry Kerr. Check it out, expecially if you like werewolves.