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Fellow dark-fiction author Rebecca Croteau interviews me

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The Night and the Land (A Review)

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The Night and the Land (A Review).

via The Night and the Land (A Review).

Darko Lucic’s partner with the NYPD, Benny is a capable military vet with street smarts and nerves of steel. He prefers backing Lucic’s plays and providing backup where necessary, allowing Darko’s intuition to guide them as they create moves and exploit opportunities. Benny’s Scorpio instincts tend towards being observant, patient and fast-acting, causing him to spot openings as they appear and strike quickly before an opponent has time to react. Image

Feared throughout his homeland during the Serbian War, Captain Evilenko joined the White Knights of the Serbian Empire at the end of the conflict. It provided him with the resources to establish links with the Chinese Tong and become a major connection in their human organ trafficking network. Knowing of Steve and his curse from the war, he uses Jana as bait to lure Steve into his organization. His association with Al Qaeda makes him a threat to every person in New York City.


The beautiful Serbian model is Steve’s next-door neighbor and secret love, though he knows they can never be as one because of the curse of the wolf. He becomes her confidant and protector, though unaware that their friendship can eventually turn into a liability for her. Her drug addiction becomes a problem as does her unemployment, and Steve’s enemies use these factors to her disadvantage in an attempt to coerce Steve into their network.

The female protagonist in Wolf Man, what makes Jana unique as a John Reinhard Dizon heroine is her drug dependency and her vulnerability as a Serbian immigrant whose success came too quickly for her to handle. She runs across manipulative people in the modeling industry and soon finds herself with a habit she can no longer support. Yet, deep down, she is still an old-fashioned girl with a strong work ethic that Bojan Evilenko uses against her. He offers her a high-paying job that she gladly takes, unaware that Evilenko plans to use her as bait to lure Steve into his trap. When she learns of Evilenko’s scheme and the curse upon Steve, she is able to step up and play a supportive role as he and Detective Lucic meet the Captain in a final showdown.

Today, on International AIDS Day, my new novel, Death and Innocence: Suffer the Children (eBook ISBN: 9781629291055 & Print ISBN: 9781629291062) is being released by Damnation Books. I cannot for a more apt day for this release as this book is about AIDS-correction rapes.

AIDS-correction rapes are where girls as young as six weeks are raped by adult HIV positive males. Yes, you read correctly. The local believe is that by raping a virgin, one will be cured from HIV / AIDS. And sadly, the virgins are getting younger and younger.

Earlier this week a six week old baby girl was raped by her uncle. He is in jail and will probably spend the rest of his life there; the penalty for child rape in South Africa is minimum 25 years. But the poor little girl, who has not been named by the press, will suffer the consequences her entire life. Already the surgeons have started reconstructive surgery – and this will continue way into her puberty. She will never be able to have children or to defecate and urinate like normal people. She will do it into plastic bags attached to her abdomen. This is how badly she was ripped apart. That is, if she survives the terrible ordeal.

Sadly she is not the only one, albeit the youngest that has reached the ears of the world. This happens on a daily basis in South Africa. Despite the huge outcries, the marches, the protests, the many, many petitions handed to the government. And believe me, out government is doing its best. But our crime influx seems to walk hand in hand with our high unemployment.

I did not dedicate this book to all the little girls raped for their virginity. I dedicated to my own wonderful children and best friend. But in retrospect, I dedicate this book to all of them, for they inspired this story. I pray for them and wish them all the best, for I cannot do much more other than writing about it and telling the world about this.

Journalists, like policemen, tend to become very callous – but I have seen grown men and woman, who work so tirelessly for our Child Protection Unit, vomit and cry when they deal with these cases. It is brutal.

Perhaps you can, where ever you are, help take a stand against this. And hopefully one day, we will be able to stop this vile practise.

Enjoy my book and let me know what you think. Mail me on or find me on fb under Dorothy Knight.

December 1, 2013 is Launch Day at Damnation Books. The following titles are due to release. Variable Pricing will be in effect till 11:59 PST on December First.

Wolves on the Border by Brian N. Young
Teamwork by D.W. Carver
Summer Reaping on the Fields of Nowhere by Matt Spencer
Amish Apocalypse by James Daughety
Merry AXmas by Brian Francis
Outside the Safe Zone by Katrina Rhodes
Death and Innocence by Dorothy Knight
The Harlot Goddess by N. Onym
The Final Transmission by Brian F.H. Clement
Wolf Man by John Reinhard Dizon
Ransom Drop (book 2 of the Sam Seabury Series) by Mike Sullivan
The Messiah of Darkness by Bill Taube
Oily by Forrest White

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Steve is a native of Ireland whose life journey takes him to the battlefields of the Serbian War as a photojournalist in the 90’s. Ruggedly handsome and charismatic, he is popular among his fellow correspondents who join with him on an ill-fated excursion through the Accursed Mountains near Kosovo. A series of events lead him to killing a demonic wolf and falling under an ancient curse. Steve returns to America and becomes infatuated with a Serbian model though aware that the curse will forever stand between them. Seeking to protect her from her enemies, he falls afoul of the NYPD and draws the attention of Serbian blackmarketer Bojan Evilenko. Jana Dragana becomes a pawn in a battle between Evilenko and Detective Darko Lucic, both sides unaware of the catastrophic force their manipulations will unleash.

Manipulation becomes a major theme that resonates through the tale of the Wolf Man. Captain Evilenko uses Steve in an effort to destroy his enemies in Kosovo and condemns him to a living hell in the process. Steve tries to manipulate the curse to the benefit of Jana, and finds himself targeted by the NYPD. Darko Lucic tries to use Steve and Jana to get to Evilenko, and the Captain turns the tables in luring Darko and Steve into a death trap. Although everyone in the novel feels they are working towards an altruistic end, their ulterior motves are what lead to the catastrophes in this revenge tragedy.

Steve is unique as an anti-hero in the horror genre in trying to use the curse of the werewolf for good, though finding himself in a struggle against an even greater evil in the human organ trafficking ring of Evilenko. We also find an unusual twist as Steve realizes from the outset that his love for Jana can never be requited, though prepared to sacrifice himself to deliver her from evil. His fatalistic outlook also condems him as a martyr from the onset though he willingly enters into all the conflicts of the novel so that his eventual demise will do the greatest amount of good for those he holds dear.

This novel will be available through Damnation Books in December – mark ypur calendars!!!Image

“Wolf Man” Available Soon on Damnation Books!!!

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This is John Reinhard Dizon, and here’s the blurb…Image

Wolf Man is an offbeat novel centered on the adventures of Steve Lurgan, a photojournalist covering the Bosnian War of the 90’s. Lurgan investigates a renegade unit of the Kosovo Liberation Army that is reported to be butchering prisoners in the Accursed Mountains along the Albanian border, selling their organs and body parts to a Chinese blackmarketing ring. Lurgan is rescued from the KLA during a raid by Serbian paratroopers led by the dreaded Captain Evilenko. The Captain forces Lurgan to return to the Accursed Mountains to continue his investigation in an area rumored to be inhabited by a supernatural creature. Lurgan encounters the beast but is possessed by its demonic spirit during the battle. He goes on to set a death trap for the KLA rebels, then manages to escape Kosovo to return to the USA.

Upon returning to New York, he befriends a beautiful Serbian model who is suffering from drug abuse. He falls in love with Jana Dragona and becomes her guardian angel in protecting her from drug dealers seeking to exploit her addiction. It is the massacre of a crack dealer and his crew that convinces Detective Darko Lucic that Lurgan is somehow connected to a string of attacks on NYC street gangs by a trained dog. Upon researching Lurgan, he learns of his history in Kosovo and suspects that Steve is hunting down an organ blackmarketing ring in the City. It is Lucic’s investigation that results in both Lurgan and Captain Evilenko learning of each other’s presence in New York.

Evilenko knows of the carnage unleashed by Lurgan in the Accursed Mountains, and is determined to coerce Steve into joining his network as an enforcer and assassin. He learns of Steve’s friendship with Jana and attempts to lure her into his infrastructure with promises of drugs, fame and fortune. Steve does his best to convince Jana of Evilenko’s true motivations, but to no avail. Lucic continues his investigation of Evilenko and begins building up evidence of a multimillion-dollar organ trading racket supplied by murder victims of the Captain’s gang. Evilenko learns of Lucic’s activity and nearly kills Darko in an assassination attempt.

With Lucic out of the way, Evilenko turns Jana into a virtual slave in his upstate mansion, bartering for her release in exchange for Steve’s cooperation. Lurgan is next confronted by Lucic, who has accumulated substantial evidence of Steve’s metamorphosis into a demonic fiend during the full moon cycle. Steve is fascinated by Darko’s findings and reluctantly volunteers to be videotaped in order to see the change with his own eyes. Steve is shocked by the video but agrees with Darko that it might provide the only way for them to rescue Jana.                                        

Steve and Darko invade Evilenko’s armed fortress and manage to rescue Jana, uncovering his horrific laboratory and storage depot where millions of dollars’ worth of body parts are being stored for purchase by Chinese Tong racketeers. Evilenko decides to retaliate by completing the sale of a chemical weapon he has developed. An Al Qaeda cell in NYC takes possession of the anthrax bomb, and Darko and Jana realize that only Steve’s alter ego can stop them in time.

This is a cross-genre action-adventure combining elements of horror with spellbinding suspense and modern-day international intrigue. Its fascinating characters, snappy dialogue and page-turning momentum will make this one a post-modernist classic. Wolf Man is a story that readers won’t soon forget.

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