Book about AIDS-correction rape released on International AIDS Day

Posted: December 1, 2013 by knightdorothy in Uncategorized

Today, on International AIDS Day, my new novel, Death and Innocence: Suffer the Children (eBook ISBN: 9781629291055 & Print ISBN: 9781629291062) is being released by Damnation Books. I cannot for a more apt day for this release as this book is about AIDS-correction rapes.

AIDS-correction rapes are where girls as young as six weeks are raped by adult HIV positive males. Yes, you read correctly. The local believe is that by raping a virgin, one will be cured from HIV / AIDS. And sadly, the virgins are getting younger and younger.

Earlier this week a six week old baby girl was raped by her uncle. He is in jail and will probably spend the rest of his life there; the penalty for child rape in South Africa is minimum 25 years. But the poor little girl, who has not been named by the press, will suffer the consequences her entire life. Already the surgeons have started reconstructive surgery – and this will continue way into her puberty. She will never be able to have children or to defecate and urinate like normal people. She will do it into plastic bags attached to her abdomen. This is how badly she was ripped apart. That is, if she survives the terrible ordeal.

Sadly she is not the only one, albeit the youngest that has reached the ears of the world. This happens on a daily basis in South Africa. Despite the huge outcries, the marches, the protests, the many, many petitions handed to the government. And believe me, out government is doing its best. But our crime influx seems to walk hand in hand with our high unemployment.

I did not dedicate this book to all the little girls raped for their virginity. I dedicated to my own wonderful children and best friend. But in retrospect, I dedicate this book to all of them, for they inspired this story. I pray for them and wish them all the best, for I cannot do much more other than writing about it and telling the world about this.

Journalists, like policemen, tend to become very callous – but I have seen grown men and woman, who work so tirelessly for our Child Protection Unit, vomit and cry when they deal with these cases. It is brutal.

Perhaps you can, where ever you are, help take a stand against this. And hopefully one day, we will be able to stop this vile practise.

Enjoy my book and let me know what you think. Mail me on or find me on fb under Dorothy Knight.


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