What other authors say about The Closet of Discarded Dreams

Posted: August 3, 2012 by rudychg in Uncategorized

After I did my first post, I got a message that my “next goal” is to reach 5 blog posts. How soon, fast, it didn’t say. But I detest not reaching goals, so, here’s another about advance reviews from other published authors.

The Closet of Discarded Dreams is a cornucopia of image and incident – a Dantean journey through a land where everyone’s dreams coexist. The book is an amazing gothic ziggurat, replete with eyeball kicks and well-powered by Rudy Ch. Garcia’s hypnotic stew of spanglo slanguage, wry, funny, and with mordant takes on Chicano life amidst the Anglos of these United States. At a metalevel, you might also say the book is about the author’s quest to dream it up. Spicy and satisfying.” – Rudy Rucker, author of The Ware Tetralogy, Philip K. Dick Award winner, a cyberpunk founder.

– – – – –

“A Chicano in Wonderland. Garcia stuffs pop culture and consumerism into his comic blender and hits the purée button.” – Mario Acevedo, best-selling author of the Felix Gomez series, Nymphos of Rocky Flats, & the graphic novel Killing the Cobra.

_ _ _ _ _

“Garcia’s incredible leap of imagination takes us to an entertainingly bizarre world of dream people before tapping into something innately human. The search for meaning.” – Warren Hammond, author of KOP, Ex-KOP, and KOP Killer.

_ _ _ _ _

“Garcia has created a crazy, raw, hilarious and often bizarre world in his debut novel. Don’t expect a peaceful summer read with this book. Garcia is an original new literary voice.” —Daniel A. Olivas, author of The Book of Want, editor of Latinos in Lotusland.

_ _ _ _ _

The Closet of Discarded Dreams is something new for the new millennium. A post-cyberpunk vision that captures the struggle for identity and reality that is growing up Chicano in the Information Age of colliding symbolism and exploding civilizations. It demonstrates how Chicano is a science fiction state of being. I hear rumors of an international Latino New Wave in speculative fiction, The Closet of Discarded Dreams is a powerful example of what this new subgenre can become. – Ernest Hogan, author of Cortez on Jupiter and Smoking Mirror Blues.
Es todo, hoy, RudyG

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