Hola, everybody

Posted: August 3, 2012 by rudychg in Uncategorized

This is author Rudy Ch. Garcia, just joining DB’s Blog.

I’m totally disoriented in these new hi-tech environments, the same reason I don’t own a cell or IPad.

Anyway, let me know if I cross any line I shouldn’t, and I’m open to whatever advice anyone may have.

My debut novel The Closet of Discarded Dreams is set for Sept. 1 from DB and I’m in the midst of final edits, setting up promotion and all the rest of the etceteras.

Those more experienced in first-novels arena might check my  new book website at http://www.discarded-dreams.com/

Let me know what it needs. I’ve also got an author website at http://www.discarded-dreams.com/

about other writing. Ditto there about comments.

Es todo, hoy,



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