The Story Behind BLOOD FORGE (Revised Author’s Edition) ESSAY offered to BLOGS

Posted: March 19, 2012 by Kathryn Meyer Griffith in Uncategorized

The Story Behind BLOOD FORGE (Revised Author’s Edition)  essay OFFERED TO BLOGS or anyone who’d like to post it anywhere…
Blood Forge-Revised Author's Edition, Demon possessed Gun horror novel.

March 19, 2012

Hi Everyone,

On March 1, 2012 my 13th release from Damnation Books, a romantic horror novel about a demon possessed gun that is, in the end, defeated by the loving courage of a woman trying to save her husband and son from its evil , BLOOD FORGE-Revised Author’s Edition (originally a 1989 Leisure paperback), book number 13 of my 14 book backlist came out! As with most of my novels I’ve written a backstory essay about the writing and strange journey of this story…if ANYONE (blogs, review sites, etc.) would like to run it (or any of my 12 others essays) along with the cover and buy links ( )  I’ll gladly send it to you. Just email Kathryn Meyer Griffith OFF LOOP at .  Thank you, author of 40 years; 14 published novels and 8 short stories, Kathryn Meyer Griffith


Blurb: Blood ForgeRevised Author’s Edition (originally a 1989 Leisure paperback).

An ancient snake-demon lays trapped behind the stone walls of an Incan prison, for centuries demanding blood sacrifices and scheming to escape. Then it discovers a pathway into the world of men, forging itself into a malevolent 357 Colt Python, and making itself capable of incomparable destruction and misery. Through decades it torments, decimates, the unfortunate people whose lives it comes into until a loving married couple, Emily and Sam Walters, have enough love and faith–and the help of a mysterious priest who’s much more than he appears to be–to fight against and destroy it forever…and to send it back to hell where it belongs.***


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