Lord Acton originally wrote, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Modern pop-culture is brimming over with stories of bright, polished men and women with iron wills and indestructible moral codes, who throw themselves into a life of public service after being graced (or cursed) with cosmic powers, a magic ring, puberty-activated mutant genes or robot suits.

How about the people that look out for ‘Number One?’ People with flaws? People with serious psychological issues? People that have been looking for a ticket out of their circumstances and finally lucked into it? People who’ve devoted themselves to their success and have reached it, at long last? The nerdy kid who doesn’t have to be pushed around and isn’t willing to hide anymore? The jealous girl that’s tired of being the ‘other woman?’ The disenfranchised homeless man? The bored housewife who wishes she’d made some different choices?

What would really happen if today’s people had superpowers? Available March 2012 in paperback and digital formats from Damnation Books. Edited by Lincoln Crisler with cover art by Jessica Lucero.

Tim Marquitz — Retribution
Weston Ochse — Hollywood Villainy
William Todd Rose — Mental Man
Jeremy Hepler — The Real Church
A.S. Fox — Ozymandias Revisited
Jason M. Tucker — Enlightened by Sin
Jeff Strand — The Origin of Slashy
Edward M. Erdelac — Conviction
Kris Ashton — Threshold
A.D. Spencer — Oily
Joe McKinney — Hero
Wayne Ligon — Pride
Malon Edwards — G-Child
Jason Gehlert — Static
Karina Fabian — Illusion
Warren Stockholm — Past Imperfect
Anthony Laffan — Sabre
Lee Mather — Crooked
Trisha J. Woodridge — Fixed
Cat Rambo — Acquainted With the Night
Wayne Helge — Gone Rogue
Andrew Bourelle — Max and Rose


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