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Hi Everyone,
With my ancient Egyptian time travel romance,Egyptian Heart, being rereleased from Eternal Press (our sister company)on August 7 I thought I’d post a few of its old reviews from 2007. I’ll be at the Launch in Eternal Press’s chat room on August 7, 1 to 2 p.m. and 6-7 p.m. Central Time…come on over and chat with me and the other authors. Thank you, Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Here are the reviews:

Egyptian Heart by Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Five Stars

Fallen Angels Reviews (Bella) said FIVE ANGELS and a RECOMMENDED READ on June 30, 2008. Here’s the review:
Egyptian Heart by Kathryn Meyer Griffith
All her life, Egyptologist Maggie Owen has wanted to experience Egypt in person. She’s never had a chance to do so, until now. Given a grant to explore the deserts near Gizah in search of a lost tomb, Maggie, single and childless, jumps at the chance. She’ll miss her family and cat, but she’s not about to pass up the chance to see the land she’s read about since she was a child.

Life is harsh in Egypt. She’s hot, lonely and sandy all the time…but wouldn’t have it any other way. One day, on her dig, she uncovers the ancient tomb of Ramose Nakh-Min. While prodding the sarcophagus Maggie discovers a secret compartment containing a scarab amulet, very similar to the one she was given by a superstitious local for protection. When the two scarabs touch, Maggie falls—three thousand years into the past where she meets Ramose, a servant of Pharaoh Akhenaton and Queen Nefertiti.

The darker locals don’t know what to make of Maggie. With long blonde hair and pale green eyes, some consider her a jinn and stay away from her at all costs. Others, jealous of her fair skin and beautiful looks, wish her dead and make attempts on her life. In short order, however, Maggie acclimates to ancient Egyptian life and falls for the handsome and loving Ramose, all the while believing that she shouldn’t marry him as she belongs to a different time.

It’s no secret that Pharaoh Akhenaton is falling out of favor with the people, as he’s become monotheistic, demanding that his subjects toss aside their many gods to follow his example. It becomes clear that those attached to the Pharaoh by marriage, blood or association are in danger. Maggie, Ramose and the Queen, out of favor with the Pharaoh, find themselves on the run not only from the Pharaoh whose sanity is quickly slipping but also from Lord Haremhab, a man whose greed for the throne knows no bounds. Will Maggie be able to return to her own time? Will she even want to, now that she’s finally found love?

Loving all time travel tales and ancient Egyptian history, I eagerly delved into Egyptian Heart. I was not disappointed with what I read. It was clear that much research went into creating this wonderful tale. Lush descriptions of Egyptian palaces and feasts carried me away, and for a brief period of time, like Maggie, I was in another time and place. Ramose is fierce, but incredibly loving toward the woman who stole his heart. Maggie is courageous, treating all, including slaves, with respect and compassion. The tension of the perilous situation with Pharaoh and his people was the perfect element of suspense that kept the story quickly moving up until its satisfying ending. I highly recommend Egyptian Heart and thank Katherine Meyer Griffith for writing such a wonderful story.
Reviewed by: Bella ****
Egyptian Heart Four Stars
CK2S Kwips and Kritiques (Debbie) on April 22, 2008 said:
EGYPTIAN HEART by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

What would you do if you found love… in the past?
Maggie Owen’s work on a grant to find a lost necropolis is filled with the superstitions of the local workers. Nothing, however, prepares her for being swept back into the past to the time of Pharaoh Akhenaton. Maggie will have to learn to deal with the Egyptian political intrigues while falling in love with Ramose Nakh-Min, one of Queen Nefertiti’s relatives. Will the same power that sent Maggie back to Ramose allow her to stay with him forever?
I have to confess that I was more than thrilled to see Kathryn Meyer Griffith had another story out about Egypt. Years ago, I remember reading another book by her that featured Egyptian characters (although somewhere along the way I’ve lost my copy of that book) and still remember being impressed by it. I was not disappointed with EGYPTIAN HEART.
Kathryn Meyer Griffith shines when writing stories such as EGYPTIAN HEART. Her gift at incorporating historical facts about the Egyptian pharaohs and the politics surrounding them is simply incredible. The vivid descriptions of the Egyptian desert and the household of Ramose are so real that it is easy to envision them.
Maggie is the kind of heroine that makes the reader just want to cheer. Even in an environment like ancient Egypt, she is fighting against the injustices she sees and trying to incorporate positive changes. Her upbeat attitude is refreshing.
Kathryn Meyer Griffith is an author who has stood the test of time. Her books today are just as strong as her past efforts. Without a doubt, she is an autobuy author for me as her books remain treasured keepers. EGYPTIAN HEART is easily recommended!
Rating: 4.5
The D2K Paranormal Junkies 2008 Book Challenge Blog ***
Egyptian Heart by Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Four Stars

This story had me entranced within the first ten pages. Every historian’s dream come true, to actually step foot back in time and live with the ones you study. Maggie Owen is a geek, and proud of it! The author made her a character you can relate with, which makes the story believable – despite the fantastical time travel.
The only thing that bothered me about this story, was the choppiness between the dreams/reality/past & present. Maggie has a hard time deciphering between her dreams & reality and the past & present; which made some chapters harder to get into. Despite that, I had a difficult time putting down the story and cooking dinner.

I was impressed with the author’s research into the Egyptian culture and history; the details, names were quite well done. This was my first book by this particular author, and I have added her to my watch list for future reading.
Review by Iris at The Long and Short of It reviews ***
Egyptian Heart
Rating:8 (out of 10)
Most of us read to escape our everyday lives, hoping to find ourselves in the magical world of “what if”. Whether it be science fiction, fantasy, mystery or romance we want to be surrounded by a whole new world of possibilities. Time travel brings its own set of “what ifs”: what if you could time travel, where would you go, when would you go, what would you want to experience when you got there? Then there are those thoughts of what if I did something to change the future? Would the future as I know it be there when I return? Then of course there’s a fear that maybe you couldn’t return; could you live the rest of your life in a primitive world? In Kathryn Meyer Griffith’s Egyptian Heart, one woman is faced with those very questions. What would you do?

Maggie Owen’s career as an Egyptologist is something she has worked for all her life. Even though a trip to Egypt to search for a necropolis beyond the Giza pyramids is something she has dreamt of, it doesn’t fill that void in her life. Now that she has achieved her goals she finds that she has little to fill her life but her cat and an empty apartment.

Working in the sweltering heat of Egypt, Maggie discovers the tomb of Ramose Nakh-Min, a general with close ties to the throne of Pharaoh Akhenaton. Among the treasures of Ramose Nakh-Min, she finds an amulet in his sarcophagus that hurls her back to 1340 B.C.

Bewildered and disoriented, she is rounded up with a band of runaway slaves. Maggie stands out among the slaves with her fair coloring and jinn green eyes, which draws the attention of Ramose himself. In the beginning she is feared as a sorceress; soon she makes friends among the slaves and even Ramose finds that he is drawn to Maggie’s gentle soul, but she also makes deadly enemies; enemies who will stop at nothing to see her dead.

She has fallen into the perilous reign of Pharaoh Akhenaton whose sweeping changes force the people to worship Aton instead of many gods, and even setting their beloved Queen Nefertiti aside that causes the people to rise up against him. And Maggie’s caught in the middle of it.

Can their love for each other keep them together? Or will she be whisked away in a flash? Can she help Ramose to make a difference in his world?

I’m going to sound prejudiced here because I really like Ms. Griffith’s work, but I really enjoyed Maggie and Ramose’s story. This is one of those stories you become immersed in and find yourself wanting to know more about their lives after you close the cover on the last page of the book. In so many ways a simple sweet love story and yet full of the things in that time period that were so dangerous. Egyptian Heart is a definite keeper.

Reviewed by Theresa of Novelspot Reviews
© March 2008


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