Skulls Giveaway. YA Horror.

Posted: April 13, 2011 by marquitz in Uncategorized

To celebrate the release of my new YA Horror book, Skulls, I’m offering folks the opportunity to win a signed/personalized copy of the trade paperback in the hopes of spreading the word. To sweeten the deal, I’ll even throw in a $20 gift card from

Now for the hoops: All you have to do is post a comment on my blog that gives your opinion of my writing. What you write is up to you, good, bad, or indifferent, makes no matter to me. All I ask is that you don’t make it x-rated so we don’t offend folks visiting the blog. (All posts must relate to my writing in some general way, and any posts that fall outside of human decency will be deleted and discounted.) those of you who haven’t read any of my work, I have a couple of short stories posted on my page that you can take a look at for absolutely nothing. Here are direct links to them: Whisper (A story about a serial killer) and Grave Times (A humorous  post-apocalyptic, zombie tale)

On May 3, right after I return from my trip to World Horror Con, I will randomly select a person from the collective comments. That person will win the signed copy and the gift card. I will also choose a couple of random folks to whom I will give eBook copies of Skulls and Armageddon Bound. And if there are any comments I find truly amusing, I’ll probably reward those folks too.

I’ll post the names of the winners on the 3rd and ask that they get in touch with me so we can work out the details. (tim [at] tmarquitz [dot] com)

Thanks for checking out my work. Good luck.


Tim Marquitz

  1. Hey Tim, I’ll be at WHC too. Will you be signing Skulls there?

    • marquitz says:

      Hey, Dotti. It’s cool that you’ll be there. I’ll definitely be signing Skulls. I’ll probably be hanging around the Damnation Books dealer table most of the time, plus I’ll be taking part in the mass signing on Saturday night. Stop on by and say hi, and I’ll be happy to sign. Thanks. 🙂

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