Damnation Books – Submissions Call for Steampunk

Posted: April 12, 2011 by damnationbooks in Uncategorized
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Eternal Press and Damnation Books is issuing a call for “Steampunk” submissions.

Eternal Press is looking in particular for Erotic Steampunk or Steampunk with a Mystery twist.

Damnation Books is taking submissions for Steampunk with a darker side.

If you have some of this genre sitting on your hard drive collecting dust and random electrons, now might be the time to open the file and do some final edits.

If you don’t write Steampunk you can find Boards, Blogs, Websites and even a Convention or two devoted to the fiction, artwork and social aspects of the genre.

If you have seen the Wild Wild West Series on television or read The Time Machine, then you sort of have a leg up on what Steampunk is about. You can also ask your nearest teenager, my greatest resource for most things contemporary.

These may not be the best links, but they will initiate any adventurous authors who might want to tap out the next best – selling novel. Of course, anyone here is welcome to email me a better description and some examples if you have them.

Go ahead and send this email on to any contacts you have that already write Steampunk! Our Submissions Officer is at submissionseternalpress@gmail.com .


Please send submissions to “Submissions EternalPress” submissionseternalpress@gmail.com with Steampunk and erotic, mystery or dark fiction in the subject line. If you are emailing me with links to Steampunk topics, websites and blogs send it to eternalpresspromotions@gmail.com .

Sally Franklin Christie Marketing Manager

  1. sarahhans says:

    Where are your general submission guidelines? What wordcount are you looking for?

  2. sarahhans says:

    Thank you! Unfortunately it appears that both are closed to short stories. :/

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