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Posted: March 1, 2011 by damnationbooks in New Releases
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We have TWELVE new books going live at 12:01 a.m. PST on March 1st. Check them out and remember the variable pricing is only good for the 1st 24 hours and on our website at

How does variable pricing work? The moment a book goes ‘live’ on our website, the very first ebook download is free. Then the price rises in 25 cent increments until a) the full retail price is reached, or b) 24 hours have passed and then the book goes to full price.

Here’s our lineup:
Hobo (Vampires on a train. Wonder what they’re serving in the dining car.)
Bumble Bee (Demon possessed bees and an ancient evil in Arizona.)
Partners in Slime (We can’t describe this one…you’ll just have to look at it yourself.)
By the Light of the Moon (Barking at the moon and it’s not Ozzy.)
Hell Rig (Don’t you just long to go work at this place? It’s only a Loa in the next cubicle.)
Demonized (Insanity galore. Don’t worry…it IS catching.)
Intricate Entanglement (What kind of Private Investigator gets possessed?)
Wolfwraith (The ‘new’ lycanthropy.)
The Holocaust Opera (Can music be evil? It certainly can!)
The Banishing (Who is the true monster in this relationship?)
Torment (Demonic possession at its best. )
Wild (Black Magic in the Old West. Zombie Caballeros…oh yeah!)

There’s a little horror for everyone. Vampires and monsters, demons and possession, insanity and black magic…to name a few.

  1. There are some great titles released this March! Congratulations to the authors.

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