Horrorfind 2010 report

Posted: September 8, 2010 by damnationbooks in Horrorfind
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Well, we had an incredible weekend at Horrorfind. They put us out in the hallway instead of inside the dealer’s area–perfect because we were the second booth from the door leading into the celebrity room. Everyone had to walk past us to get in.

The suitcase full of tote bags emptied on Friday night and by noon on  Saturday, we had no promos left; then ran out of business cards by the end of the day. Kim started hand printing the info on notepaper and even those were grabbed up nearly as fast as she could write. Our email sign up ended up with two yellow pad pages of addresses.  They’ve already been invited to join the DB reader’s yahoogroup.  We sold about $450.00 worth of books and holiday cards.  Not bad considering the atm’s anywhere near the hotel were all out by early Saturday.

Anything and everything ghost or zombie related went fast.  The Zombie greeting cards were a hit and William managed to stuff one in George Romero’s hand as he walked by.  We didn’t get into the costume contest due to the seating being limited to just over 300 and an attendance well over a thousand (don’t know the official count yet).  We did get to enjoy a decent cover band doing Black Sabbath songs.

We were standing outside when Bruce Campbell came out. He jumped in his limo, rolled down the window and called out, “Come here. I have something important to tell you.”  Everyone crowded in. He said, “See ya!” and the car sped off. We laughed.

Horrorfind was definitely good for Damnation Books (and Eternal Press since we also took EP promos and some EP horror titles). Here are a few photos we took. We also took a lantern ghost tour of Gettysburg on Thursday but won’t bombard you with those photos, just the ones at the con.

  1. Su Halfwerk says:

    Great update and photos. Nice to see that we start ’em young and keep their interest until they’re much older (the picture of the alien costume.)
    Thank you!

  2. Terrific to hear about all the interest in Damnation Books. Thanks for the update!

  3. How fun was that? Looks like my kind of gathering.

  4. Thanks for the update and pics, looks like a good time. Selling out and filling pads with email addresses is fantastic. Maybe something like this will bring the DB staff out to the east coast some time! 🙂

  5. Wow! Looks like you had a blast of a time.

  6. Moss Bliss says:

    Glad we had so much success. You never know how much to plan for.

  7. Troy says:

    That young fellow bears a striking resemblance to Gage from Pet Semetery and you know he killed Herman Munster in that movie.


  8. Louise says:

    That’s awesome. 🙂 Wish I had made it so I could’ve dropped by.

  9. Amy Grech says:

    Glad you had fun at Horrorfind and that it went well!

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