Monday Morning Post from Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Posted: July 5, 2010 by Kathryn Meyer Griffith in Uncategorized

Hi all, Happy Fourth of July!

Since I can’t seem to get any images up (could be my computer, which is pretty old) I guess I’ll just be blogging text. As I write this it’s Fourth of July morning and I’m killing time until my husband of thirty-two years, Russell, and I go over to my grown son’s house for a swimming BBQ and fireworks extravaganza with grandchildren, family and friends. So I thought I’d get a jump and write my weekly bog entry early and then plug it in late tonight when I get home. Hey, when you’re juggling a few book revisions, editing and promotions you learn to multi-task.

This blog is still so new there aren’t a lot of people talking on it…yet.  No one answered my feedback question last week. Maybe in the future. Writers are busy, don’t I know it. So I’ll just ramble on about things that pertain to the writing life. Like, as I mentioned two weeks ago I’m revising (really rewriting a lot because the book was originally written and then published so long ago it needs A LOT of work)  one of my old Leisure paperbacks for Eternal Press. DB and EP are bringing out seven of my old Zebra and Leisure paperbacks, and e-books for the first time ever, going back twenty-six years, along with two new horror novels, over the next two years; spacing them out. And along with the realization that my writing was pretty bad twenty-six years ago (only means I’ve learned a lot, I hope) and there’s much rewriting to do, I’ve also begun to see a repetition of some themes. I guess that’s only to be expected if you write over a long period of time and have had fourteen books and seven short stories published. In one of my older books, The Last Vampire (being re-released in October from Damnation Books), I had my main character hit by lightning and in my newest book – nineteen years later – BEFORE THE END: A Time of Demons my main character is also hit by lightning. Granted, the two scenes and outcomes, and even reasons for the lightning strikes, are very different…but both characters are struck by lightning. Hmmm. I’d never recalled writing that scene all those years ago.

Then I’ve noticed other repetitions. Same phrases. Situations.  Again, way too many ellipses and long dashes. I had to take about fifty ellipses out of the old book I’m revising now…what was I thinking? (ha, ha.)  Strange. It made me wonder how many other long time writers repeat things? I try hard not to, but I guess sometimes it just slips through.

Oh, before I forget, as Cyrus did before me, I’m going to be on Raven’s One World One Voice Blogtalk on Saturday, July 17, 5-6 p. m Central time or 6-7 p.m. Eastern time; where I’ll be yakking for an hour straight. Whew! Don’t miss it because at the end, when Raven asks about the alien thing, I’m going to relate a really neat story my husband told me when, at sixteen years old, he actually saw a UFO!  You can catch the blogtalk anytime after that because it’ll be on the website for awhile. And I’m also doing a week long Dear Reader spot on AuthorBuzz the week of July 26-30. Don’t worry, I’ll remind all of you about both of them next week, as well.

Well, I could go on and on but I won’t. I have a party to go to! Signing off, Kathryn Meyer Griffith…who’s been writing way too long.   

If you want to read more about my books and me you can go to or www.kathrynmeyergriffith.intuitwebsites to see all my new book covers from DB and EP and my self-made book trailers with original music by my singer/songwriter brother, JS Meyer. 

P.S. The new cover for my September EP release, THE WOMAN IN CRIMSON, a vampire novel, is STUNNING! Thank you Dawne Dominique!  And I just got my new cover from her for the old Leisure paperback (the one I’m revising now) THE HEART OF THE ROSE and it’s stunning, too. I must say that of all the 16 covers I’ve had, these are hands-down the prettiest and most accurate!  Not to forget: Annie Melton did the cover for my BEFORE THE END: A Time of Demons and it, too, is DAZZLING. Cheers for the DB and EP cover artists!


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