Another Try

Posted: June 28, 2010 by Kathryn Meyer Griffith in Uncategorized


Idon’t know if my last post and my cover got through…every time I try to insert an image it uploads the image and knocks me out of the blog before I can hit PUBLISH. So…if the last post went through, I’m sorry, but here quickly I’ll ask the same thing and then try another way to put my cover in. My question was: How much time do you all spend on Internet Promotions….loops, e-mails, trying to get reviews, all that sort of stuff? And does it really help? I had my first e-book published in 2007 and two more by 2008…and spent so much time promoting that I stopped writing. So how much is too much? And are reader loops more important than reviews or book signings, blogging or blogtalks…etc? Just curious. I’m going to try to do my cover now and see what happens.  Kathryn Meyer Griffith


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