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Posted: June 24, 2010 by Stan Riser in Uncategorized
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and thought I would drop by and say HI THERE! It is a glorious day here in Portland, Oregon and before I leave on vacation Monday, I thought I would stop and make my mark on this blog. As some of you know I am new with Damnation Books. It has been a thrill working with all the staff and my fellow authors. My novella Painter’s Green came out June 1st. Here is the link and book cover:

Another site I host is The Fiction Tips Weekly blog. I have worked on providing updates in the dark fiction community and to provide writing tips for new and upcoming authors. The latest paper I have been working on is a comparison between Plot driven prose and Character driven prose. Often there is a separation between the two in academia and I wanted to show how the two can be combined in order to have a story that is both Plot and character driven. Tomorrow 6/25/2010 I will posting the article complete with some helpful diagrams. I hope this information will be helpful to all.


Cyrus Wraith Walker


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