Well, here I am again (a little early because I’ve decided to make my Monday posts on late Sunday Nights because by Monday morning I’ll be writing away, so forgive me up front if I mistype something). This is my second post and I’m still not sure if I’m in the right place. Ha, ha. I think I am.
anyway, today (or tonight depends on how you look at it) I’m running a picture, if it works, of my STUNNING new Eternal Press book cover THE HEART OF THE ROSE (cover artist Dawne Dominique…great artist she!) that will come out from Damnation Book’s sister company in November 2010.
I guess you’re wondering why I’d be running this cover now on a blog entry? Well, my friends, it’s about…time. No I mean it’s about years…that have slipped past before we know it.
Here’s the story: Perhaps, as some of you know Kim Richards is rereleasing five of my older Zebra and Leisure paperbacks going back 26 years (as well as two new books)…yes, that’s right, 26 YEARS. Well, Damnation Books is doing four of them and Eternal Press is doing one. The Heart of the Rose. Truth is, THOTR was actually my very first written novel that I actually began 39 years ago when I was just a baby of about 21; bored silly at home with a new baby. I read an awful historical romance and thought: I can do better than that! And then tried. I wrote on it (in the ancient time of typewriters and snail mail and editors that didn’t care how good a book was or what we wanted on the cover or wanted to call it…ah, memories! Good times. Not.) for years and then set it aside as life got in the way. I got a divorce, had to get a real job to help raise my son and I got remarried to the true love of my life 32 years ago now. Fast foreward to 1984. I’d given up on THOTR and had written something else that appealed to me more and would become my true genre…a horror story. It was about a divorced woman psychic and something evil in the woods, calling it EVIL STALKS THE NIGHT. It got bought by Tower Publishing, which after a year went bankrupt but that’s another story, and finally came out from Leisure Paperbacks in 1984. THOTR quickly sold to them right after and came out in 1985. It was about a supposed witch in 15 century England, Edward the Fourth, The ambitious Earl of Warwick, War of the Roses, etc. What can I say, in those days I was an Anglophile. So my first book really came out as my second. 12 years after I’d began writing it. That was The Heart of The Rose.
Now…39 years later I’m rewriting it and pulling my hair out because it’s sooo bad! That editor, wherever she is now, must have been an idiot! I must have been an idiot! There’s so many mistakes and typos…POV is nonexistent. All over the place. But back in those days I wasn’t really allowed to proof the final copy or actuallky go back and forth with the editor. They didn’t know what to do with the book so they sold it as a “bodice ripper” even though it was about a witch. Remember those? Historical romances were BIG in 1985. The cover had an awful looking woman with a very long neck who didn’t look anything like my main character. Ech! Anyway, here I am rewriting this book 39 years later and I’m thinking: What would my young self of 39 years ago (or even 25 years past from the date of first publication) have thought if someone would have told her that 39 years later I’d be rewriting this book…….? That I had spent the last 39 years writing books and having 13 published and I’d be where I am today? It truly blows my mind! This time Dawne got the cover right! Beautiful! This time I’m going to get the book right and hopefully it’ll be much better for it. Can’t be worse. My writer’s life has been so strange. Like life. Signing off…Kathryn Meyer Griffith


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